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Friday, March 12th, 2010
6:17 pm
Some levels for zDoom I made
Heh I should probably post in a more active modding community, though my mods here are as old as 2006 to begin with - I just never had the opportunity to upload much evidence of my handiwork before.

2006! This community is deader than my old high school journal :p


There's also a Cat Lady sort of thing I did that I did not upload yet, it is hard to get decent screen shot of the flying cat if I have to stop and press two buttons on my laptop (I could always use something in zdoom like "bind p screenshot" as long as I remember to unbind the key later, I guess..)
Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
7:16 pm
TeamOrbit recruiting
[size=14pt]Team Orbit is looking for skilled programmers to help work on their UT2004 (coming soon UT2007) MOD project NeoCairo..[/size]
Besides coders we are also recruiting any other content artists, like modeling, texture artists, animators etc. etc. These positions will be closely related to the information given here about Coders.

[b]What will you be doing in the team as a Coder?[/b]
You will be coding a great deal of the weapons, mechs, vehicles, and so on for the game, as the team hasn’t got a great deal of coders you will be able to influence the game with your coding quite a bit.

[b]What are we looking for?[/b]
As a coder you will have to be a team player and no lone wolf, good communication skills are a must and you will have to be a reliable force and easy to work with.

[B]Some information about TeamOrbit:[/B]
TeamOrbit was an underground development team that grew out to become a MOD team for the unreal engine that has many industrial professionals now part of the team.
You surely have heard of the NeoCairo MOD for UT that we published, and was a great hit all of over the UT community.
NeoCairo is the community-released prequel of the in development MMORPG Orbit Wars

[B]Some information about NeoCairo[/B]
NeoCairo is a total conversion for unrealtournament, it could be described as a sci-fi action adventure first person shooter. The MOD started for unrealtournament and is in development for UT2004, and will be ported to UT2007 afterwards. The aim is to make a release for UT2004 and get it ported to UT2007 as soon as that comes out.
NeoCairo is set in the future of Earth, where Earth has become so polluted that mankind had to make space station in the orbit around Earth to survive. But the intergalactic society has restricted mankind to their own solar system until they solve the problem of their polluted Planet.
But an alien race has a different idea about that, and has started to invade Earth to stop the human race from succeeding.

NeoCairo will have many unique things never before seen in unreal..
Lots of awesome custom vehicles, tons of custom weapons, great mechs, custom models and many more things!

TeamOrbit has recently announced that we will also be co-producing a Hollywood movie called BodyWeapon with famous actors like Jerry Bell, Mickey Rourke, Michelle Rodriguez, Eddie Griffin, Glen Plummer, Sonny Chiba, Michelle Chu, and others.
To boot the team will also be producing the game about the movie.

[size=14pt]You now have the chance to be part of this team and have a great time doing what you like, and rest assured you will be learning many new things from industrial professionals as you go!
Our website:

Here is some more information about what you can expect of us:

Working with TeamOrbit will earn you notoriety and respect. Why?
You will be working on a total conversion game that will be nothing like other MOD's out there, besides that you will also be able to show a demo to companies you might want to send in a resume too.
Chances are you will be part of a team that will possibly win the next Make Something Unreal Contest for UT2007 as well.
And NeoCairo isn’t just any MOD, it’s been in production for years, starting with the first unreal engine.
Just look at some recently released content for the UE2 engine:

These are all of course big words, and I can understand you want some proof to back these works up. Well, TeamOrbit is a professional team and no rookie team, this can be seen just by looking at the bios of our members. Many work as professionals in this industry or are one of the most famous members in the unreal community.
Just a few examples,
The director of TeamOrbit, Mario 'Thunderbear' Orsini is a leader with many talents, among other things he models, textures, rigs, animates, programs, level designs, records/edits music, played with bands such as Aerosmith and pearl jam, does web design, writes, directs, produces etc.
A leader with all these abilities knows what he’s talking about and what’s possible, with these skills he can steer the team in the right direction like no other.
His bio can be found here:

Then there is also Eric ' Doc Holiday' Huelsman, here’s part of his bio:
[quote]In 1997 Mr. Huelsman became Director of the 3D Animation and Visual Effects school “Friedman 3D.” After developing Friedman 3D, Eric partnered with noted film editor, producer and lecturer emeritus Stuart Chasmar to open his own school with a unique approach for educating entertainment industry professionals… let industry professionals do the teaching. The school has since come to be known as Studio Arts.

As President and CEO of Studio Arts, Mr. Huelsman has developed Studio Arts to become one of the top training centers for Hollywood professionals. For the past two years Studio Arts has been training computer animation and visual effects artists from The Animation Guild (IATSE Local 839) and other professional guilds for work in the feature film and television industry.[/quote]
More can be found here:

Then there is also the well-known 'AngelMapper' who is one of the most talented in the Unreal Community, here’s something about Angelmapper:
[quote] i've been working with the Unreal engine for six years, three of those professionally. For the last year I've been doing work at home for a few different companies, most recently with Epic for the Mega Bonus Pack.[/quote]

These are just a few examples of the great talent that is part of TeamOrbit. For more such talents check out the team's bio pages:

(New members are yet to be added, like Angelmapper)

And there is always the chance you will become part of the paid project 'BodyWeapon'. This will involve the production of a movie and a game.

If you are interested or have any questions feel free to reply on this post, send me a PM or contact me at
MSN: mebesandrock@hotmail.com
AIM: Saro87
Yahoo: Roelandschoppers

Best Regards,
Roeland 'SandRock' Schoppers - Lead tester, recruiter, media publisher.
Tuesday, November 16th, 2004
3:45 am
I just wanted to say hi. I'm new to the whole modding scene. I've been playing UT2004 ECE. I've been watching the 3dbuzz vtms but I still haven't got a clue how to skin, model, or level design. Well, read you later.
Friday, September 17th, 2004
6:34 am

how so very totaly cool

link to cool mapper

Current Mood: satisfied
Friday, September 10th, 2004
1:51 pm
If you like the occasional PC game and sick ass breakdowns from some hardcore tunes, come check out this community!

Tuesday, April 20th, 2004
12:22 am
woo yeah noone's here

Well, I changed some aspects of zdoom port by changing some aspects of file loading regardless of wad versions, increasing health and ammo max % to 999 and kept the music from pausing during changes in window focus. I did the same thing with the vavoom DOOM port (the Win32 code froze during compile probably because it was corrupt data--DOS32 was a jiff though), and I'm planning stuff for the retail version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein soon..If the package lets me anyway.

Though the majority of my programming is now in heaps of paper from computer science courses, plus two original games that have silly designs. I don't expect to work with mods as much as original stuff, but stuff like recording my own sound effects may make me reconsider ;)

No profound questions today, so, uh, bye

Current Mood: not on task
Tuesday, April 6th, 2004
10:20 am
Hah. Weird that no one on LJ would be interested in this.

Anyway, I used to modify Quake I way back in the day. Made the shotgun shoot a laser, no big deal really I just thought I was the man at the time.

Now I map, not good enough to program. Uh. I doubt anyone will ever see this anyway.
Later :D
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